Treehouses arent just for the littles.(Got some new followers here, so were trying to remember to share some of the old backstories for stuff around here).The true story behind our treehouse pushes us to make book about it (published by @penguinrandomhouse) – its called The Forever TreeWe made it to tell the story of the volunteer group of grown ups who donated their time to build something bigger than themselves.These are those builders / designers & volunteers:@bladonconner @tylerjordanpeterson @shaun_oa @finney____finney @teichelman1973 and others.ABOUT: fresh twist on Shel Silverstein’s The Giving Tree based on a real tree in Wisconsin that became something more, this is a timeless story about loss and renewal at home and in nature. – Publishers Weekly We may be known mainly as a camp for grownups- but treehouses dont age discriminate. So the next time youre here climbing around the treehouse look up in the library rafters, youll always find a copy tucked into the stacks.More THANKS TO the MAKERS :-co-penned by our pal @donnalukascp -Illustrated by @nicolaslater-Photos of charliegirl (also on the jacket) by @jessica.eileen.drogosz-BTS shots: the grandfather tree before it died. – and My brother Sam cutting its limbs off. -Timelapse sketch created by our friends at @ogilvy485 to accompany a talk we gave at @apple on creativity a couple years back