NECESSITIES FOR THE CAMP ENTHUSIAST.( and FOR THE ILL PREPARED ).our newest guest amenity opening this spring We took the top things campers ask for and opened up a little self-serve shop in the welcome cabin.found a 120 year old cabinet that came out of a dry goods store & filled it with all the things you cant find in a modern drugstore. (Scroll for the clip to see whats its stocked with)Our favorite signpainter Ches of @RightWaySigns hand-lettered it for us. We unearthed an antique paper bag rack, so we had to make custom bags to fill it.We have a million-and-one almost comical details – including typos stashed in these 9 feet of shelves & drawers (or at least 100, since thats the number of different products this thing is holding) but heres the topline – helping campers help themselves. HELP! IVE GOT A :HangoverRipped swimsuitMean sunburnPunctured raftBee stingWood SplinterFlesh woundx&#@ Tick?Postcard to writeMissing toothpaste Bent fishhookBeer bottle to openSevered fishing lineStrange rash?Hair emergencyTampon shortageRope swing burnBrat indigestionCorncob in molarMosquito stalkerPoncho emergencySoap shortageHotdog stomachache Hot dateStores burnBad hair dayStinky fish in cooler (aka: air freshener) (Zoom into shot 3 for all things weve been scouring for in every bodega, obscure corner store, dead stock hardware store, and factory supply to source)Were in the final stages of stocking, pricing, labeling – cant wait to open it up for guests this season!Welcome Cabin shot: @evantsheehan