BUILDING SOMETHING This has been our most productive off season in years. (Weve expanded our little team a good bit to help to knock out a long -standing wishlist ) RECREATED the 1920s Pergola REPLACED the Church altar ADDED the Sauna (honoring Baltic customs & the refugees here in the 60s) REBUILT Camp store workshop COMMISSIONED Amish mobile shed shops INSTALLED new & refinished floors in 3 buildings CONSTRUCTED a Wood & charcoal Camper Supplies shed RENOVATED the lodge Restroom CREATED a new Supply office BUILT out the Music Box (& Scooby lodge exit door) CONTRACTED a new custom mess hall (from 3rd-gen Local tent maker) REPLACING 2 roofs (going up onto the GSA scout log cabins)And so many more re-s. Repainted half the rooms, remulched the trails, rebuilt craft cabin shutters, rebuilt retaining walls, replaced mud patios with stone ones. And restored so many things- including our faith in what were building here.It feels good to know that every dollar and hour we invest in this place helps towards the bigger goal: Have more to offer- to give back.We try not to measure success by the industry standard of maximizing butts in beds -but opportunities to be a place where people remember. Every year we make a list of what we want to build.This year feels different, because were trying to build something thats more enduring.But It feels the Golden Gate Bridge. (You start at one end painting it- and As soon as you get to the other end have to start over again)Taking stock of what were building.Counting our blessings for the teams (past, present and future) who have been helping us build to that something biggerWell be introducing you to a few of our new team members in the coming weeks- and announcing new products, projects, programs and people.