Weve spent this last weekend alternating between snow play and hibernating in front of the fireplace (with endless mugs of spiked lattes) digging through old photos of the family that ran this place in the 40s and 50s (a few pics here of three generations of the family outside the lodge that were sitting in now).Thinking about how they ran this place back then. How did they make it work with just their small family doing it all? Were they happy? How did they measure their happiness & success?We refuse to measure success by the industry standard of maximizing butts in beds. Or how many (always more lucrative ) weddings we can cram in. Every year we do fewer of the latter- were down to accepting a small handful a year now.We hope to continue to shift the way we do business.This coming season, were honored to use so many of our few & short high season weekends to host more of what were here for:A celebration of life A camp for an underserved community of city kids A takeover for an LGBTQ retreatA artists in residency (series!)A not for profit group who support the arts And so many week day sponsored events to support causes that we care about (auction group for schools & civil service groups).Excited to find new ways for more people to experience camp in a different way. I get the feeling that the prior owners would appreciate that. Honor this place and all their hard work – keep it standing, keep it alive with the things that matter more and most.We hope they would.