This is for our fellow crafters.COMING TO THE CRAFT CABIN THIS SEASONEvery scout camp in America for the past century has a craft cabin A right of passage for girls and boys, you would enter camp a novice, and leave an expert basket-making-loom-weaving-pottery-painting-jewelry-crafting scout ninja. We spend months researching the most popular crafts made at summer camps since 1920. We started sourcing deadstock craft kits, custom made craft kits, and impossible-to-find craft kits we excited to share some new kit additions for 2023, including a series of paint by number kits featuring the mushrooms that grow in our wooded acres. (A few pics our new programming director Danielle has found over the past year- Lets go foraging on the forest floor – for Bleeding Fairy Helmet Mushrooms (berry-capped fungi) Fly Agaric Mushrooms white-speckled, red-capped fungi (with their distinctive frills – found growing among curling fern fronds)Well be rolling out new kits, crafts and activities as part of our new offering. IDEAS WELCOME!Also, If you are looking, you can find me in the craft cabin this season with a bottomless craft of coffee & baileys this entire season. Or foraging for fungi.