Do you think you could play Home On The Range on a one inch harmonica ??The tiniest instrument in our little store is called the Campfire Companion – and is built exactly like a grown up harmonica (hand assembled with screws) It has 4 holes, that lets you play 8 notes so you can play lots of songs.It comes keychain or belt loop ready with a 4 inch ball chain & brass Mouth Organ tag. (Thats what they used to call them you cant make this up) Comes with a little songbook with five old school campfire songs:NATIONAL ANTHEMAMERICA THE BEAUTIFULGEORGIAIVE BEEN WORKING ON THE RAILROADHOME ON THE RANGESWEATING THE DETAILS: SIZE: 1″ long Harmonica plays a full octave in the key of C Arrives in our linen drawstring bag with mini song book….Photos of charliegirl by @jessica.eileen.drogosz