HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMENS DAY to all the hard working ladies out there !!We havent had the chance to meet most of our followers on here, So folks wouldnt know that I have a day job in advertising (and that Wandawega is my midnight oil- side hustle & heart)Heres the something you probably dont know about the AdWorld: 80% of the creative briefs that we get in this industry are targeted towards women. But there are not enough women in the advertising award show jury rooms to judge the work.This year, Ive been invited to join forces with a bunch of powerhouse ladies I admire to judge the The Gerety Awards. This show exists to put the female perspective on the work and fill the female gap in the jury room. I cant wait to see what wins under the the female lens- honored join this an all-women jury. Thanks to my girls at @vavoomstudios for the new work headshot Geretyawards.com