Country Mouse, City Mouse.If youve met us, you know that we love restoring broken down things, Including cars. (The downside is that when you really need them to run, you can bet they wont).Like the time @WSJ sent a photographer to follow us from home in Chicago to camp, to shoot a story about creative connections. (Our little old lady 72 Mercedes broke down-halfway up to camp. But still loved her – she was an early garage find fixer-upper)STORY EXCERPT:”Culture on the Lake- Where Creatives Connect”Before visiting the Camp Wandawega resort in Elkhorn, Wis., husband-and-wife proprietors David Hernandez and Tereasa Surratt insist you review their Manifesto of Low Expectations. For those who are comfortable sharing their shower with toads, Wandawega is a revelation: a lakeside camp completely adorned with vintage furnishings and curios from the 1920s through the 1960s. The place has hosted its share of celebrities, artists, chefs and tech-industry leaders. When David and I started dating, he brought me out here and it was in a pretty sad state. Buying and rehabbing Wandawega has given us the opportunity to provide cultural and creative retreats for not-for-profits and charities50% of the retreats we do pro bono. Thats been the biggest reward.When folks come, were the ones kicking back with them, having a beer on the patio. We couldnt imagine ever being some proper, fancy hotels.ABOUT THE SERIES:A sculptor who employs his artistic talents to run a boutique hotel; a sneaker designer who takes his wares from blueprint to performance; a premium watchmaker who still adds a handmade touch. These are the kinds of cutting-edge craftsman creating luxury in todays America. To bring them to you, we sent renowned photographer Ryan Plettan entrepreneur in his own righton the road in a 2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class. Through his images and words, Plett will capture stories of our countrys greatest innovators and craftspeople here on ViewFinders, presented by WSJ Custom Studios and Mercedes-Benz.