Pick your poison.Time to restock the souvenir machine.> What should we add this season?Weve been digging up the history of roadside America. Long before theFederal-Aid Highway Act of 1956 (construction of the modern Interstate system) roadside America was dotted withsouvenirshops hocking local-themed souvenirs and mementos for the weary traveler.Every landmark, point-of-interest, and motel had one.Our own Route 12 Iron Brigade Memorial Highway passing through Elkhorn and Sugar Creek to camp was no exception.In homage to the sorts oftchotchkessold here nearly a century ago at the original prohibition-era Wandawega Hotel,we retro-fitted our vintage cigg machine to dispense the same nostalgic and oddmementosof our grandparents childhoods.We found a bunch of souvenir makers that have been supplying Wisconsin tourists for over 90 yearsto help us stock it with simple American favorites.Next time youre here, make a pitstop by the Camp Lodge to take home anoveltyreminder of your stay.(Weve now converted our old Metro delivery van to the beer truck).For our fellow detail freaks: every little thing is dispensed with a certificate of authenticity in each box that reminds folks our motto:NOT NEW, NOT IMPROVED.Camp Wandawega Since 1925