THE RETURN OF THE FLEET Time to drag everything out of storage and do the what still starts? game:(There are usually at least a couple that dont turn over after their long winters nap)1973 International Travelall 1953 International Raymond Loewy Metro 1980 Ford 515 1971 International 110 4wd dually firetruck 1942 Ford tractor 2017 Ural Sportsmans edition sidecarNot shown:All the crap that we need desperately need to keep this place running but are currently not cooperating. (AKA: the 93 Dodge W350 4×4 dually, 06 Polaris Ranger, and one very slow & ugly golf cart.)Something made in this decade would be more practical. But that would be too easy.Thanks for sharing your pics, campers!@_lyndonfrench_ @yesjonwes @aimeemazzenga @jonnymendez__ @afterthequake @stevenvisneauphotography @defybags and friends