weird backstory Camp tour You cant throw a stick here without hitting something with a strange history. So when youre at camp ask us-cause the best stories are never on the surface (and its never what you think).No. 1: The pickup had 1 owner before us – a sign painter. (Explaining the paint flecking on the dashboard). Ches from @rightwaysigns lettered the doors of our ragtag fleet. Hes the Single stroke master.No. 2: We found an antique postcard of the lodge (& discovered that it once had flower boxes, a step landing, Adirondacks, antler racks so we built it all to match the photo.No. 3: We pulled this paint color from a 50s issue of Better Homes and Gardens. The local painter (retired from a rock band) wed hired asked uswhy the hell we picked puke green – he tried talk us out of it more than once. No. 4: Our pingpong tables came from an Elkhorn church basement. We thought they where cool because they had folding legs. But they fall apart every year. And we then we rebuild them. Every year.No. 5: Underneath this dock are 2 long metal pontoons (that we salvaged from a boat). We clad it in the wood planks that came from the dock thats been here since Davids childhood.No. 6:The crazy plaid green on the upholstered boat bench seats are from a shuttered Mopar factory (we bought a bolt of 1970s deadstock vinyl from a woman who sells on Etsy)No. 7: We didnt know this pergola was here until we saw it on postcard & zoomed in. So we started digging around the spot in the photo and found the original footings and rebuilt it.No. 8: Our boat shed used to be an outhouse. we found it online described as an ice fishing shack. Raccoons like to hide in the seat hole sometimes(open the door slowly when you are going in)No. 9:A group of Latvian refugees built the railroad tie terraces in the 60s. When we were repairing them, we unearthed hoards of vintage beer cans and bottles.@sdamiani @aimeemazzenga