Welcome, Tim! Meet our new facilities / property / grounds operations man of many hats. 7 dogs5 kids2 jeeps1 lovely wife, ErinAnd 10+ years of working in the fields of service in fire safety. Locally grown right here in Elkhorn. Wisconsin. Tim is the guy – and has a guy – for pretty much anything. From swapping out a ranger transmission to running a bobcat. From a blown fuse to clearing tornado-downed trees. Fish-hooking-bonfire-building-tractor-driving-furnace-fixingHes your guy. Just a couple of months in, and he knows more about most things here than we ever will. He may look like a bouncer (or assassin for hire) but hes really a sweet guy – and always ready to lend a hand – so when you see him at camp, be sure to stop and say hey! (But youll have to catch him first, hes always running. )We (and our campers) are lucky to have him join our little team.