Our little family has just grown one furry member larger.Frankie has a playmate, Charlie has a new furry sibling – and we are hearts-bursting-in love.Shes a 9-month old sheepdog mix rescue. What she lacks in pedigree – she makes up for by being a champion snuggler. Right now, shes way too skinny (Charlie is determined to fix that).Shes got webbed paws the size of saucers (we predict the we have a lake dog on our hands).Charlie has named her Scout.Since shes lived in a crate and concrete kennel up to now – EVERYTHING is brand new to her.Shes gone unadopted till now because she might need cataract surgery, isnt house broken and is scared of many things (her outdated adoption headshot shows what her fur will grow into eventually- they gave her a much needed hygiene buzz cut).Lots of firsts this week. As Frankie can no longer walk up and down steps – she is just learning how. And while its pulverizing our damn hearts to see Frankie leaving us a little more every day – its healing to see him warming up to her. She just wants to snuggle him – all the time.God willing we all have a love like this when were his age.