Welcome to the Ranger Station :Tucked away in the backwoods. Its our hardest-working little addition to the grounds.And now you can find it, cause we just paved the way with a metric shit ton of mulchPacked to the gills with all the gear that makes this place run. We started with a building on wheels (its a mobile structure ).Salvaged windows and doors from a Girl Scout camp lodge down the road (that was being demolished) outfitted it with first aid kits, fire extinguishers, a directory board and trail maps.We still have some work to do – but shes already serving her purpose of being a catch-all storage shed.I guess thats the most accurate job title for all of us working here. Carry our own weight, sometimes that of others – catching it all.And each other. .Photos by @erikengstromphoto & @prezpipe* the ladder is specifically only used for rescuing groundhogs off of roofs. Or at least wrestling beer out of their paws.