How we spent our 4th(In reverse) -New shuffleboard court, finally poured- its predecessor was poured before our time, so it was about time- several tons of topsoil spread & seeded – 2 magical hours driving Hockney weed cutter through the lake to harvest invasive species – Dragging the swim raft out to lake center (PIVOT!!!)- scraping the dock before hitting it with its millionth coat (90 degrees is ideal weather for this task)- scrap/ sand/ paint / repeat our geriatric rowboat Not shown :- me wielding a chainsaw on a pole like a crazy person clearing 30 yards Of invasive buckthorn at 6:02 am – every nail broken – Joe & Ellie sweating it out with us Thanks @nicolemarietoalson and @petercreigtoalson for letting us cap off a long day with a tractor full of fireworks David (first pic) and Charlie (second) much prefer this part of camp life