Its never enough time.By the time we found you in that kill shelter foster care you were already 3. We didnt dream that wed get 15 more years with you. They thought that you were nothing special.No pedigree.Untrained and ungroomed. Its why they said we were the first family who’d come to even meet you in 6 months.We knew these last years have been stolen ones -Arent dogs only supposed to leave us a 12, 13 if were lucky?We kept looking for 2nd & 3rd opinions- hoping for a different answer.We tried like hell to get in all of the ‘lasts’- Pupcup of (triple serving)- One more car ride – Last dip in the lakeBut nobody tells you about the lessons of regret(I cant not see your face barking at the kitchen door waiting for me to stop working and come out to throw you the stick)you ruined our stairs – your nails carved deep ruts from years of bounding up themNow those scars are the part of the house we love most.Every morning when we were loading up the car to head to school he trotted over to get in with us – never wanting to be left behind Knowing that we couldnt take him with us, Charlie grabbed his face by the scruff and said I love you. As months passed and we watched him walk slower to try to make it to the car door shed add another I love you. By last week she was up to a string of 8 – she couldnt leave without getting them all in. This Friday, we all got to hold him as he said goodbye. In his last minutes Charlie did not stop saying ‘I love you’ (as many as she could squeeze in) until he couldnt hear her anymore. Theres never gonna be enough time or enough I love yous for those who hold our hearts. Dog people know that they have souls. Frankies will be with us forever. OUR SCRUFFY BEST BOYLOYAL CAMPER GREETERFIERCEST PROTECTORSTEALER OF HOT DOGSWe dream of you chasing all the chipmunks now.We didnt deserve you.Thank you for teaching us to take and give all the love while we can. To never turn down the invitation to go throw the stick, and to hold close all those good scars. RIP, dear boy.FRANKIE July 7th, 2023 *if you are going through this yourself, and need help- look upLap Of Love