CAMP IS CLOSED. This has been a week of healing and new beginnings.Weve been processing a lot of lasts this past week. Trying now to make some news firsts. Weve donated camp to give kids a chance to experience as many firsts as possible.Because if you ask us, theres nothing more memorable than catching your first fish. Paddling a canoe for the first fime. First smore. First time shooting a bow and arrow.Some of these students have never been to a lake, let alone a summer camp- so its been a honor to provide space, place and time.This week, weve been hosting a group of amazing kids from underserved Chicago communities for a camp called @lakeaffectchicago It feels good to use this old place to help make as many firsts as we can.( Out of the corner of my eye I swear I saw one old gray dog following us around in the distance )Made possible in partnership with @pitchinchicago > founded by the incredible @tanjababich > captured by @jessica.eileen.drogosz