This just popped up & brightened our day.(For us, these little stories showing up out of nowhere are like waking up to head into the office and realizing its a holiday)Thanks, @DwellWere always grateful to be included- not only because the others in this story are 10x newer, fancier, bigger with more staff than us But also because folks are now flooded with more options than ever before in history.(You cant throw a stick without hitting a new summercamp-turned-glamping-resort)We love to see people saving old historic camps.Introducing kids (of all ages) to the old school magic.We just hope to keep our heads down and be part of it.But no time to keep our heads down this morning.Its time to go dig out that overflowing drainage pipe after last nights storm.*This story is part of Happy Camper, about classic summer camp style in all its glory.Perhaps youre clinging to memories of your own bygone summer camp days; maybe you never went and have always fantasized about being part of the Meatballs cast. Either way, this season can be a tough one for us adults as we send our tweens off into the wilderness, or watch forlornly as busloads of singing, not-yet-mosquito-bitten kids roll toward lake country. You might not be able to snag a bunk at Camp Firewood, but there are plenty of other ways to make your summertime dreams come true. Start by booking a stay at one of these charming accommodations, which welcome wannabe campers of all ages. We can practically hear the morning bugle call now. DISCLAIMER FOR THE NEWBIES:glamping is not part of our accommodation description-Were still an 8th of a start on a 5-star