Some pretty inspiring women pass through our gates.Some show us new paths.If shes lucky, Charlie will remember this lady for a long time.Thanks for staying with us, Anna @DontStop – youre a fearless example for our 12 year old CharliegirlIF YOU DONT FOLLOW HER YET, START NOW.Dont stop is a call to forge our own path, and set our own pace. Its a message of encouragement. When faced with obstacles, we will solve this. When the burden is heavy, we got this. Dont Stop has been a longtime mantra and moniker for founder, Anna Serena. Her first Dont Stop incarnation was a music festival. A festival highlighting the drive and ambition of the region, which ultimately became an annual rallying point for the scene. Dont Stops spirit of inclusiveness led to more opportunities, and the name began to encompass a broader hustle ethos. Even when the hustle-world froze in 2020, Anna couldnt stop. She returned to her vintage motorcycle, and deeply embraced the riding community. Growing her stable of bikes, she found chances to ride them alongside anyone willing to have her. Its over the past several years, and several thousand miles on a bike, Anna’s perception of Dont Stop has morphed from a chase to a quest. This year her quest will take her to flat track races across the country, as one of 15 racers in Royal Enfields Build Train Race program. Annas tasked with stripping and rebuilding a new INT 650 into a streamlined race-ready flat tracker. Don’t Stop 800 is a combination of Anna’s mantra with her race number 800. This project was established to aid the cost of her build and race travel. But the broader hope is for Dont Stop to be a flag or rallying symbol. A symbol that sparks ambition and perseverance. That branches out in all directions. Countless flags, each on their own quest. Forging there own path, with reassurance that theres at some point theyll cross paths with a friendly face and be reminded Dont Stop.