Be still my heart.If you know me, you know what this particular magazine means to me. @theworldofinteriors is the only Ive mag ever saved every issue of. The one I wont set a drink on, or put in my bag without first wrapping it obsessively, swaddling in a t shirt (really).Its the one that even fancy hotels / home castles cant influence their way into. They cover the unique stories – that also have interesting interiors that tell those stories.Not all of the spaces they cover have proper interior-designed pedigree. But all have a layered backstory. Many of their articles show things that other magazines with interior in the masthead wouldnt dare. A disheveled bedroom. A sink piled with dirty teacups.But thats the thing thats always drawn me to them. The real. The messy. The unexpected.In the same issue youll find a story on Andy Warhols Life Box hoarding collection followed by some obscure book on the history of Lithuanian textile making. Every issue is masterclass in design. Written by people who can see the backstory and beauty in everything, regardless of pedigree. Even a little Midwestern summer camp.WOI is the last place Id ever dream would acknowledge Wandawegas existence, let alone want to feature it.Heres the unlikely way they found us:A stranger wrote us: my husband and I have a one year old baby. I havent slept in months – Im exhausted. I need a quick get away – and Im drawn to what youve created. Is there any way youd consider having me as an artist in residence?And that was it. He drove 6 hours, and we were fast friends. Like the kind that you meet and think havent we already known each other for a lifetime?He wanted to shoot the corners in rooms that everybody else just walks past. Like my embarrassing shelves of overflowing stacks of jars & tins that Ive dragged back from far flung markets because I love the labels.Thank you @theworldofinteriors for making us feel seen. The photographer is @taylorhallobrien and you should see him. The writer who tells our story better than we ever could is @donnasalek Story link on our highlights