I never get myself something on this day, figured it about was time. The best birthday gift is one that you get to share with other folks – by that measure, this present (first pic) is the best ever. (Cant wait to share what this new addition to camp is going to be for yall).While Im not exactly thrilled to be turning a year older, it sure beats the hell out of the alternative – and Ive been lucky enough to get 25 trips around the sun with this guy, 12 with this little lady (and 15 of them with the furry gray old man).Bracing myself with lots of firsts happening all at once now and the coming year (beyond this being the first time ever taking / posting a selfie).After 24+ years with Ogilvy, I finally made the choice to take the leap out of the ad world and start working directly with brands instead. All these years of the side hustle have turned into something bigger than I could have imagined, so Ive taken on clients with some of my dream brands – pinching myself that the first couple projects and product partnerships are already deep in the works – cant wait to share!Thankful to friends for a little impromptu gathering last night to celebrate all the firsts. Thankful for the loves in these photos who are my heart. And toasting all the Leos out there marking another trip around the sunkeep chasing those dreams. Turns out, they actually can be caught eventually. Even at 51. .#nevertoolate ..Pics by friends@thiswildidea @thayerandco @kathryngamblephoto @bobcoscarelli And- Charliegirl