Afterglow This last weekend.These two gorgeous grooms. They did it right.Once again, this old joint was overtaken with people celebrating others whove found their forever person.Its not lost on us that a hundred years ago this kind of love was not acknowledged (let alone celebrated around here). Were seeing so many more hearts & minds around here opening as years pass. So now its the morning afterall of the friends & family have left, the caterers packed up- and the last guest pulled out of the gates-It was back as it started – the first two people in to set up where the last two people out.just Chris & Blake again- so committed to leaving this place intact – that they were still hauling gear & resetting the camp on the way to their honeymoonAs soon as they stepped off the grounds- the flash flood warnings starting coming through – we had to prep for heavy constant rain & severe thunderstorms that would pummel camp for the next two days. But Mother Nature waited for these two- gifting them with 48 hours of her best sun show. The morning after that-We woke up to her storm aftermath The beach has been washed out (again) The gravel hillside road looks like river cut through it. The drainage is full, one basement leaking- its raining inside the lodge backroom again. We lost another ancient old tree that was all but taken down by gusts.ButTheres something about the morning after here. Seeing 2 people wake up to the first day of their lives getting to finally call their other my husband / wifeBearing witness to this helps us recommit ourselves too- to keeping this place standing to host the big life moments So we now sit in both the aftermath & the afterglow of what has gone down here in recent days.Its all so worth it.It always has been.If you need us, well be digging out.@chrishorsman & @trueblake, thanks for showing us all what true HAPPY looks like & how to spread it. @cassierosch (With last two pics here by @rebecca_ferguson – A guest who also happens to be moviestar . who stayed in our little log cabin- Charlie and I have been singing along to her character in the greatest showman for years-