19 years ago today we decided it might be fun to get married at this old near-abandoned campground wed just bought.Since ours was the first wedding held here since it was built in 1925- it was anything BUT a legit venue for hosting the 250 friends & family who showed up that day.We barely had enough saved to pay the caterer. The place was falling down around us. It rained from morning to night.and it was the best day ever.Weve spent every year since celebrating that day – by re-committing to preserving this joint for other guests, and those that tie the knot in the same spot we did. In what seems like a lifetime ago. (I guess it was since weve been together for 26 years) Looking forward to the next 26- as we hit this milestone and are making our new plans for what we want to do next. Its got us feeling like those same kids again.We are taking leaps here and together I said it on this day last year- and will every year.To the best man Ive ever know, love you till forever