How to know if this is the place for you – Or.not.Those who read- and fully embrace our big M.O.L.E. Manifesto Of Low Expectations knowIts our mandatory reading for all guests – Cause when we say we only rank an 8th of a star on a 5-star scale we mean it earnestly, we try to be honest so folks can prepare their stay like a good scout The people who like it here most (and we appreciate so much ) are those who are true campers at heart – and know how to pack a backpack.They also: .Accept that natural lakes have Lilly pads- we are on a spring fed lake with wetlands instead of Motorboat traffic.That open air shower means toads are welcome in there with you too..Expect ladybugs, crickets and the occasional honeybee to pay them a visit to their cabin. A chipmunk or bird if theyre lucky. A raccoon if they are very lucky.they Appreciate our mineral well water in all of its country-ness – and dont require their water to be pre softened for them. Know that you turn the AC on by opening your window. they manage themselves without a bellhop, concierge (or even keys) these are 100 year old doors, keys where most during the Hoover administration.They just come to commune with their friends and nature- and embrace it with all of its rustic and rough realities.It does take some Grit to enjoy yourself here. @roamwithdrake had it dialed in ( here a couple weeks ago cooking up a storm at the rustic camping cluster for the @willandbear crew – he literally brought everything but the kitchen sink)our kinda guests – super chill, self sufficient, prepared campers.