Dog days of summer are here. (Somehow even the hottest days at camp dont suck at camp). At the end of the day, its really just who you bring along with you to soak up all the things. So weve been working our tails off on a project we are about to finally reveal in the next week.Its been a hot as hell week – dawn to dusk kinda thing. The kind of project that wakes you up at 3:30 am cause you just cant wait to keep going.Our small but mighty team have made it fun – despite what Mother Nature has been serving.Well take all these dog days – happiness around here looks like getting your hands dirty. Making things to share.Someday we know were gonna look back on this and miss the feeling of working a sweat soaked 14-hour day renovating something that will last for our grandchildren..Thanks @willandbear & pals for also reminding us to take those breaks. Row. Cook. Play. Repeat.@cabinlove @ethanabitz @strawburry17 @lady_bro @francessimonephotog @tarynhyland @Amanda.arends @willandbear @roamwithdrake @alexanderknorr @lozyjane @willandbear