Stories behind the garden shed.A crew of north woods Amish carpenters built this for us. We found the door & windows from a 100 year old Scout camp nearby that was slated for demo (We always think adding something old to something new brings good luck)Our new Seed kits were inspired by this utility Garden Shed. But this Garden Shed was inspired by the former owners who planted here in the 1940s. (Second shot in front of the lodge)Weve heard folks say that when you plant a garden, youre planting tomorrow. So weve been looking back Into our history to build things for next season/generation. The little girl in the second photo showed up at our door about ten years back. Her name was Sam, she was the daughter of the prior owners. At the time we met her, she was already close to 75. She told us her stories of growing up here- how her mom grew basil and tomatoes, sunflowers and beans around the lodge.We always wanted to replant her gardens. Figured it was about time.Like anything worth sharing, the best things start with a seed. Thank you Sam, for planting that seed with us so many years back- we hope youll be watching our gardens grow from above.When we created our seed line, we picked the varieties from some of Sams memories of what was once here. Hoping to see what pops up next season. They say that soil has memory- fingers crossed we think these grounds are ready for a comeback…..Photos by @bobcoscarelli and @nathanbobey and from Sam