Say HI to The Lucky Camper.We built her into a literal hole in the wall. Our old main lodge was built in sections from 1925-1940, this little bridge building space is tucked in between two additions. As long as weve been running this joint, its just been an awkward dumping ground. It now has a new life as the littlest coffee shop that could. Our merch tees say I got Lucky at Wandawega because we are gonna offer lousy service but good coffee. ( only the lucky campers can actually get served because its open in off hours – when we have time) Could be a Saturday morning at 8, a guest barista, or a takeover for our all camp events. Walking by and see the Dutch door open? Pop in. You just got lucky. Thanks @nathanbobey @theruffians Joe, Ellie & Mike for the team work and making it fun to bring her to life .. by @bobcoscarelli ( thanks for helping us break it in, Brett & Nate )@bdmackey88 @nathan.gerdes