Theyre here! This morning were sharing the first of our two newest additions: the Pottawatomie Hills Girl Scout camp cabins. A LITTLE BIT OF HISTORY: The oldest four cabins from the decommissioned Scout camp just a couple of miles up the road by us. (The other two are being restored by the owners Tom & Donna to keep) These four are the most unique from the camp as they were the first original ones constructed there nearly a century ago- and the log cabin style vs the other lap sided versions that came later. What makes them even more special are the full coverage wall paper of hundreds of stories the engulf the space. That are all hand written.These two make 9 buildings weve found, moved & restored – from all kinds of backwoods spots across the Midwest. Its always cheaper / faster / easier to build new, but we have this thing for saving the old forgotten ones.A LITTLE OF THE INSIDE: everything in here has a story. Here are a few:ROOF: Lincoln Log green shingles TABLE & CHAIRS: @oldHickory thrift score!RUG 1920s : Navajo flat weave flea findFLOOR: John Deere green, 3 coats gloss + 3 coats of lacquer & a helluvalot of work. more to come on the interior furniture- sharing soon.Most importantly,This is THE VILLAGE THAT MADE IT HAPPEN- because it certainly takes one. My little brother Sam once again drove 6 hours with a crew of friends and volunteers to help us to prep the land – Mike, Frank & Travis. Then the talented @BHwoodworks for building the foundations, steps and so much more) Joe for getting up power and paths. Ellie the painting machine. Kelly for photoshoot help, Mike for our John Deere Green floors, log siding, all many coats of lacquer to preserve the walls and more. +Charlie & ScoutThank you to the most important people, our generous neighbors – who gifted us these two special buildings, and trusted us to do right honoring their history thank you sincerely, Donna & Tom..Photos by @bobcoscarelliIf youre one of the 3 people still reading down this far. Were gonna put them to good use & sharing them with yall, well be opening these up on airbnb next Tuesday September 19th just in time for fall colors.