andWe share with you The second cabin! Everything we shared in yesterdays post about the second larger cabin holds true to this one as well. We call this little sister the little cabin that could because when we first found her – we almost thought that she wouldnt make the trip to camp without disintegrating.She was built (and abandoned) at the same time as the other one – nearly a century ago- which meant that she had the same challenges as her sister cabin.Caving roof. Rotting beams. Full of critters. Not a single redeeming characteristic. Except the stories she tells.Hundreds of girls left their mark here.Literally scrawled, carved and painting into and on these interior walls. Layered and faded and revealing – sometimes shocking. funny. Weird. Juvenile. everything youd expect find in a adolescent girls diary. My favorite thing to do in here is lie in a bed and read what they left behind.Cleaning and Matte spray sealing these walls to preserve them was not cheap fast or Easy. But worth it. what this little cabin lacks in architectural detail, she makes up for as a history time capsule – a keeper of the stories of those who stayed in here all those decades and generations before us.A good reminder that whatever we all do here in our short stay (in cabins. In our Moments together- in our Lives- )Dont be afraid to leave your mark..(except this cabin. New entries where closed 40 years ago- marking the last time they where occupied) .Thank you @bobcoscarelli for the photos and friends @bdmackey88 (also to his husband for lending us him for the day to model ) and @nathan.gerdescant wait to get our own little Charliegirl in here to stay with her mom to add her own story too.