I TOOK A WALK IN THE WOODS AND CAME OUT TALLER THAN THE TREES.Fav Thoreau quote & also the single best piece of advice you can give a creative whos looking to get inspired. .Our friends at @studiokcreative took over last week for their team creative retreat. (If you dont know them yet- and love interior design- stop reading this now and go fall down the rabbit hole of inspiration that is their website).Powerhouse & pal @karenherold decided to take her whole staff out to the woods to grow something bigger than her design firm. For 3 days and 2 starry nights, her swat team of designers and thinkers where guided through an obstacle course of brain building creative activities. Led by our friend Neil Stevenson (who creates and leads off-sites like this for brands & companies across the country) The team building activities ran the gamut of craft challenges to canoe races. Cook offs to scavenger hunts. Nature hikes to talent showsand every possible adventure in between. All crafted to prompt creatives to think differently while finding inspiration in nature and each other.The most powerful CEOs weve hosted here have one thing in common – they understand that team building is about getting to know each other as people first. And it doesnt happen on a zoom or around a conference table.We are excited to start introducing more of this type of offering to groups soon. Stay tuned.