This is the spot. Thats hidden in the ravine.That people dont know is here.That was created by a glacier coming through when the kettle moraine was made.That we cleared a field of invasive species buckthorn out of to reveal the basin. That we carved a little home for the old boyscout camp decks we salvaged from a nearby camp..That is now a little hiding spot that only those who venture out will find tucked away past the archery field.This little kettle has always been here. It just took us 17 years to uncover her, cut new trails for her, new steps to access her- so folks can use her- we think for the first time ever (based on the surveys we found dating back to the 1880s.We have another 15 + acres of our 25 here that have never been touched. And now were dreaming up some new ways to give them new life and purpose..Thanks to @karenherold s creative team who found this spot and so many others in their scavenger hunt during their @studiokcreative team building retreat with Neil Stevenson