We warn folks who ask to get married here that its a helluva lot more investment of time, energy to plan a two-three day full party takeover here than it is to just book another venue who push for that purpose ( the ones who get couples in for a few hours for a turnkey kinda thing). Its not cheap fast or easy to get hitched here.Truth is- We arent a wedding venue. We just host a handful a year. We love being a special place for folks special day- and humbled to be featured in so many wedding magazines and best of press lists.But we would rather keep passion in front of profits and start to host even less each year. We try to find different ways to share this place with different people, creative groups and causes. Its why we are admittedly sometimes slow to respond to inquires. Why we dont rent out to book couples engagement photos. Why we dont do barters with wedding photographers looking to make wedding content for their books. Thanks for your understanding and patience to some who have reached out.All- David and I got married here 19 years ago when we where just kids and bought this place (then a total dump). So we do love to see the couples who tie the knot hereThese two where a recent pair of lovebirds who got hitched here a few weeks ago:@kelsiwermuth & Trenton by @kaleyraephoto wishing them all the love and luck in life-