Just walked into this room. A reminder. His story needs to be shared again. This, to us, is proof that the universe connects us all with invisible threads(if we look close enough to see them: pull hard).Things & people that are meant to be have a way of finding each other.The day after Christmas, we posted asking If anybody knew where we could buy a collection of Nat Geos from a single collector. We have a special new space for them and want the karma that comes with a set that was assembled with love over decades.The same day, David found a FB post – he immediately reached out. But he was too late. Theyd been spoken for.But this collection seemed special, it looked like it was all in one home – family passed them down & kept collecting? The photo was too packed & dusty to not have a backstory.So I wrote to the FB poster with a plea.That were building out library shelves in our new cabin (that will be free for creatives in residence to support the arts). And that my heart was set on the single photo he posted, and Id love to learn more, and, and, and…I sent him photos of our library shelving that had already been started, why a single source meant something. That wed give them a good home & keep them together forever, as they look like they had been collected for decades by somebody super patient & passionate.He emailed me back: I think theyve just found a home. Call me.I did, he shared a story that was equal parts inspiring & heartbreaking about an Army Forest Service Vet name Neil, who started collecting them in1918, and in his old age befriended a boy (Kurt) & his family.Neil would live to 85 – and would pass along to Kurt his love of nature, travel & his life long collection of @natgeo . Kurt would also inherit Neils passion for travel & service to nature conservation. Kurt dedicated the next 40+ years to completing the collection, traveling the world collecting experiences, writing & photographing it.Until he died 6 mos ago The person we where talking to was his brother Kris- whod been searching for a home for Kurts collection.CONT IN COMMENTS