Hiding inside.10 little backstories buried in these rooms.(Every room, space & corner around here holds and hides a million little stories in its corners- here are a few) No.1 : the Bar * This bar is from the 30s and sits in the same place as the original, opened in 1925. On the floor behind it is the buffet-turned-barback that the former priests who ran this place for 60 years used as a dresser for his vestments. No.2 : the A-frame * Its decks are actually dock sections from a decommissioned Boyscout camp. If you look close, you can still read the ghost of stenciled words NO DIVING. No.3+4 : the Church * These pews were build in 1974 by Latvian Church volunteers. They seat 250 butts (still sometimes not enough on some Summer Sundays). 2 of them are shorter than the rest, cut to fit around the massive tree that sprouted up in the middle of the aisle. No.5 : the Scout tents * The beds in here are original salvaged WWII bunker beds. They came with the old tents we got from Camp Indian Trails. Soldiers & Scouts broke them in for the first 75 years. No.6+7 : the Canned Ham * The elderly northwoods hunter who sold us this was the sole owner. He used it as his hunting cabin (which is why the curtains inside are period barkcloth woodland scenes) No.8 : Treehouse * The antler fixture is built from sheds we found on the grounds. (A few of them mixed in are signed by friends who found & gifted them) No. 9 : The SideCar* URAL Sportsmans Adventurer was a gift from Ural- modeled after the original WWII military version. A utility workhorse they created a camp version with custom seat, paint, etc.No.10 : The Craft Cabin* A 90 year old cabin built to be a fishing cottage. Found missing a wall & half its roof. We moved it here & filled it with 30 old school scout crafts.