So. Weve been working away for the past couple of months on a special project were launching this spring. that took us on a little research trip to visit some partners up in Wisconsins door county.If you have a couple days to spare, here are the 10 things you gotta see: DRIVE Fall Color Drive (peak runs through next week) SHOP Weinkes Market (They make the best in Wisco secret squirrel project, will share more soon)STAY Robertsons cottages (1930s dream time capsule quintessential Lake cottage experience- more on this soon. A literal hidden gem. I died.) EAT at The English House supper club(Old school Ice cream drinks at the circa 1971 time capsule bar)VISIT the Potowatami State Park gift shop (bait house research also, even their wood shed is perfection)BUY The gift store by the Hillsidewater front hotel (stoneware obsession fulfilled)EXPERIENCE The Clearing founded in 1935 by Jens Jensen- Designer of Chicagos parks & landscapes estates of Armour, Florsheim, Henry Ford CHECK OUT the gorgeous general store called Fish creek Market & belly up at Trixies for glass of local wine.CHECK OUT the black forest oak church on Washington island (didnt get to hit this, but on our bucket list for next visit, we will be back)