Nerding out to get the chance to talk to @knoll about art, architecture and design.We got to do a home tour & interview about creative community (at camp and beyond) They just shared our little story (link on their feed and site) So happy that their article also showcases a couple of our good friends (and Wandawega neighbors) art:> Living room sculpture by Cody Hudson @struggle_inc Escape Hatch Match (Isolation Tank Awareness Society Logo v.03)Powder Coated Steel, 2020*Represented by Andrew Rafacz Gallery>Dining room piece by Angela Finney @f.i.n.n.e.y.f.i.n.n.e.y Emblem A Plywood and Acrylic, 2022Thanks to the talented photographers :Exterior pics (@StudioGang Brickweave) by Hedrich Blessing Interior pics by @jenniferhughesphoto