Tis the season (almost)Were 7 weeks from Christmas, yall! Our friend @jpanders who heads up @cschicagosocial asked for some gifting ideas Hands-down my fav on the list:The Frank Lloyd Wright Racine Desk from the Great WorkroomAt the SCJohnson building by @steelcase Also, SUPPORT THE LOCALS, FRIENDS.Reccos here are from chicago (or within driving distance)@joffreyballet (so proud of lake neighbor @brianguysmith1 and his hard work there).@heritagebikesandcoffee (creator of our new Wandawega fleet!)Camp neighbor @struggle_inc & @letherbee @Knoll – recent house guests in Chi & creator of the iconic Florence Knoll model 31 chair – just released from the archives @studiogang (always our favorite creative takeover guests here)@Wilco (side note – our pal John owns a camp you have to check out: @otyokwa- its the camp we envy and love the most – all original and beautiful and a gorgeous big lake- we want to go back every year)