How would you answer this question?HOW DO YOU STAY GROUNDED?My answer: Digging out the sewer drain is a pretty good way to keep you grounded. That and going home on a regular basis. I was raised on a farm in Southern Illinois. Population 4000. My dad was a truck driver and bricklayer. When I feel myself getting *judgey about somebody elses interior design choices, I remember what my dad would have said, and check myself.This is one of the things they asked for the Wandawega section of the new book Wild Isle Style.ABOUT: Including interviews with collectors, sellers and makers, Wild Isle Style gives you permission to have fun with your interiors, to turn shopping into an adventure and help you reclaim your home and your budget. Living on the remote island of Mull has inspired @banjo.beale to be resourceful and inventive in his design outlook. With sustainability and budget in mind, he combines vintage finds with clever design and re-purposes the old, re-imagining it into something new. This book will uncover universal ideas that you can easily implement. Its an accessible roadmap to creating authentic and sustainable design that doesnt cost the earth.THINGS DAD SAID (still applies)* If you dont have something nice to say, dont say a damn thing* Dont get too big for your britches, kid* Were all just doing the best we can, dont judge what other folks do, you dont know the load they carry* You can do it.Banjo (best name ever) won the BBC1 series interior Design Masters 2022- his new book just hit stands, were so happy to be included & to support him! ..Photos by @bobcoscarelli