This message was created for the creative community by our friends (and fellow small business owners) @1924us – we think its a good to pay forward for the season & supporting other mom & pops. (Tagging in here a handful of small businesses, artist & photographers to check out & support)We also tapped @1924us to help us create our own holiday candle (that we just restocked)A prayer candle in honor of Camps patron saint:THE MADAME ANNA PECK1880s, Sweden- young Anna is orphaned.1905 as a teen, she emigrates to America and is adopted by a Chicago architect.She takes work as a maid in a well-to-do home and marries the chauffeur.Shes widowed at 32 when he dies in WWI.At 39, her father builds Wandawega Hotel.Anna runs gin & a brothel here.She marries a local, the neer do well son of a prominent family.Gordon Peck was a vet, a drunkard & 13 years her junior who’s mother filed for an annulment, claiming he was too taken with consumption to know what he was doing.Anna & Gordon continued to operate Wandawegas brothel & speakeasy Orphan Annies.At 56, Anna is convicted for running a ‘bawdy house of ill fame’ & goes to prison for 7 years.Upon release, she moves right into town off the square, taking up residence where everyone knew her business & she knew more about everyone elses.At 80, Anna becomes a widow for the 2nd time.At 94, she dies alone, taking the town’s secrets to her grave.When her house was in demo, her things & life story were thrown into a dumpster.A local man happened by & salvaged portraits of the orphan immigrant & her 2nd wedding.25yrs later he saw our post asking for leads & remembered he still had them in storage.Anna was abandoned from the beginning.Ostracized by a community.Rejected by the family she married into.Anybody who can live through that & still have the audacity to plant herself in the middle of town has no shortage of chutzpah.Which is why she is Camp’s namesake & her rathskellar bar is ORPHAN ANNIES. Handmade in Texas, USA Saint candle is made with unscented clean burning paraffin wax & measures 8.5″ x 2″ packaged in a linen bag with 2 saint stickers & Anna’s prayer card