Camp Wandawega goes to LONDON.THE CATS OUT OF THE BAG!The New @accidentallywesanderson Exhibit is opening in London this Friday, As part of the exhibition, they are building a life-sized replica of the Camp Wandawega boat house for folks to be part of his World. (we even pulled our pair of vintage skis off the door to ship to the UK to complete the install) were flying there soon for the show and will share a little travel journal of our adventure, in the mean time, check it out if youre across the pond!ABOUT the EXHIBIT!Ever seen a dreamy place in real life and thought, That totally belongs in a Wes Anderson film? An Instagram sensation & best-selling book brought to life,Accidentally Wes Anderson: The Exhibitionis an IRL exploration of real-life locations from all 7 continents through the lens of Wes Andersons iconic aesthetic..Prepare to be transported into the picturesque world of Accidentally Wes Anderson: The Exhibitionan Instagram sensation and New York Times best-selling book brought to life! This unique photography exhibition features a worldwide collection of pictures that exude the signature aesthetic of director Wes Anderson, sharing symmetry, warm colours and moments of delight. Be it through the nostalgia of transport, the serenity of nature, or the vibrancy of cities, youll explore a wide variety of Adventures captured by the AWA Team, themes and places submitted by the global AWA Community, all curated especially for this exhibition. Get ready to make your very own Wes Anderson-esque moment.HIGHLIGHTS: See photography from one of the most famous accounts on Instagram inspired by surreal symmetry and enchanting hues of Wes Andersons filmography Explore idiosyncratic locations from around the world through immersive themes such as urban life, nature, and more Discover the stories behind each real-life location Create and capture your own Accidentally Wes Anderson moments Get your hands on exclusive Accidentally Wes Anderson goods