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Snoop in the bathroom cabinets.Its renovation season. Were on a mission tick off all our restoration & build projects.The guest bath off the old main lodge has been on our list for a dogs age (Sometimes you just gotta to tear things down to build them back better)Everything in every room has a story- here are few in this little one, in the old main lodge.-Oak panelling from our friends at @DeconstructionInc from buildings being demolished -Antique sink & faucet from the basement of an old man in Chicago who has hoarded them for decades-The picture nails are blacksmith forged nails-The wire on the antique oil portraits we pulled off of victorian frames (theyre blacker and heavier with patina you cant fake)- The window and closet trim was made by a Catholic volunteer in camps former life-The shower curtain are drapes that we found in a 1960s time capsule office -Inside the medicine cabinet, youll find a story on every label, box and bag (even the paper wrap on the camp toilet paper roll tells the backstory of the Northwoods paper mills of the 1920s)Theres a story on everything here.Were here to tell as many of them as we can for as long as we can. For other folks like us who like to peel back the layers.

Were so happy to be in the dairy state and featured today on @TravelWisconsin.This first photo here (that they shared today) is what our National Register listing has deemed A contributing structure to the Wandawega historic district.It is a 1920s cottage that we moved 300+ miles from my hometown- restored- and wrote a book about it called A Very Modest Cottage, published by Hearst as a @countrylivingmag title. It was the first building we moved and restored here.Thats why its closest to our hearts….Thank you @sdamiani for pic 1And @bobcoscarelli for shot 2

>> CAN YOU SEE IT? >>Scroll. Hit play. Wait for it.How do you add an extra fire safety EXIT door while keeping the integrity of a National Register building? Damn carefully.Historic accuracy is our love language. & Fire safety is our obsession(Its why youll find a Smokey bear sign in every room) With a place as old as ours, the fire safety experts are the ones you want to listen to first. (and if youre as paranoid about fires as we are, you can also get your own truck- we found ours at a local town fire station who had upgraded to a newer model).For this new door. We found & had professionally rewired antique lit EXIT signs. We are still finishing it : adding a marked PUSH bar /sign – so it will be super clear where to get out in a hurry. (Note that this room is also at ground level and has three other exit doors as well as 40 + easy open tall windows)So this door is just one more quick access optionFirst shot @bobcoscarelli

Who wants to go fishing?Its a big part of camp here(and why we have lures in the store, keep the souvenir machine stocked with bobbers and the sports equipment rooms filled with fishing gear).The DNR reported that Lake Wandawega Is one of the healthiest in the state. Due to minimal agricultural runoff, few lakefront homes, and low motorboat traffic, the ecosystem thrives and provides for a healthy variety of fish.Here, we have mainly Large Mouth BassNorthern Pike and a variety of panfish/Bluegill/sunfish.We encourage folks to experience it, which is why we made the Lake Wandawega fishing guide. Starting this spring, campers will find them on their clipboards in their cabins.From the DNR:WHAT MAKES A HEALTHY LAKE?An extremely clear lake may lack the plant life needed to support a robust fishery. Ecologically balanced lakes are more important: those with a healthy mix of native plants, forested shores, minimum runoff coming into them, a good fishery and diverse wildlife.This is why Lake Wandawega (at its little 120 Acres) is ranked. STATS:Wisconsin ranks No. 2 nationally in the number of days of fishing by nonresidents and the number of non- resident anglers nearly 400,000. Only Florida ranks higher and it has an ocean! Some 1.4 million licensed anglers fished Wisconsin waters in 2008, catching an estimated 88 million fish. The most frequently caught: panfish, bass, walleye, northern pike, trout, catfish and muskie. In all, 165 species are found in the state. -Milwaukee Magazine July 2009 .The list of WISCONSINS HEALTHIEST LAKES (Selected by Wisconsin DNR lake experts)~Owen Lake in Bayfield County~Dorothy Lake in Chippewa County~East Ellerson Lake, Vilas County Burnt Wagon Lake, Chippewa County Bond Lake in Douglas County. ~Middle lake of Lauderdale Lakes in Walworth County.~Gilbert Lake, Lowe Lake in Washington County~Little Elkhart Lake in Sheboygan County~Pine Lake, Waukesha County, Max Lake, Stormy Lake, Smokey Lake, Black Oak Lake, North Twin Lake, Aurora Lake, Little John Lake, Vista Lake in Vilas County.~Montgomery Lake, Kenosha CountyLulu Lake, Pleasant Lake and Wandawega Lake in Walworth County

Its (almost) finished!Our new guest amenity: THE MUSIC BOX.Through the old main lodge, past the pool table,hang a right past the bar- just off the game room youll find a little room with a little collection that we encourage guests to use.Weve been on the hunt to get it stocked up,heres where were at so far:40 sheets of music35 Albums30 8-tracks 20 Instruments10 song books2 amps1 record playerand a partridge in a pair tree.Were gonna keep filling its shelves, but weve got a good start >> scroll for the collection clip >>

ENTERING A NEW YEAR by sparking joy in everything (starting with bringing some order to even our teeniest soaces at camp).Weve gamified this whole self audit hing – digging deep to uncover all the things that need improving around here. (There is no shortage of opportunities at a near century-old campground).Our little PRINT & SUPPLIES ROOM just got new drywall, outlets & storage cabinets (then we peg-boarded the hell out of every square inch we could).The 3 things everything had to be before crossing this little threshold: FUNCTIONAL. VINTAGE, and THRIFTED. Charlie embracing Stranger Things vibes in here (her current obsession).One small step in our New Years resolution: this one will help us with better filing, printing, storage, organizing systems. (Last shot: the before).Happy New Year, friends!

Our TOP 9 this year was not about selfies and vacas – surprisingly, it was about connecting people, through shared experiences. The post that summarized the year best for us was about a man (center pic, link below) who died decades ago, who we never met. But we became the benefactors of something he did. (That we now want to find ways to pay forward)2022, You gave us so many gifts of growth by every measure, and we are damn grateful. 2023, were ready for ya!#yearofabundance #BuckleUPAlso, about last night (this crew )-Link to our post of Jan 27:https://www.instagram.com/p/CZPbhKBLhA8/?igshid=Zjc2ZTc4Nzk=

This has been a long time coming.We started a very special creative project this past August. We’ve been keeping it under wraps because it’s such a big undertaking for us, that we honestly didn’t know when we’d be able to complete it. (Most days I think finding and moving another old cabin to Camp is easier to pull off).I managed to talk my girl @bremariegraz founder of one of my design crush magazines Fellow magazine . )to help bring it to life. Yesterday was the best creative day here – poring over photography, ideas, & stories. Tearing things up, starting again, brainstorming new creative solutions… embracing the yes, and.So much of the creative community who have passed through these gates have contributed a wealth of photos, moments, memories, and stories; so we’re pretty excited to get to share this with everyone in the coming months to help kick off some new things in 2023.Part of a quote from Frank that’s been our mantra & fuel in recent months:”….Happiness lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of the creative effort.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt.Digging through selects here – some of the work we are including by @prezpipe @nathanmichael @stemsandforks @garrettsweet

THE GREAT PURGEWho will also admit to watching the show Hoarders ?This fall, we started binge-watching The Home Edit, Get Organized, Tidying Up – all of them. CONFESSION: There are a couple rooms in the lodge basement that weve kept secret. The sign on the door says KEEP CLOSED for good reason. Up until now, this has been one of our most-neglected workspace / inventory back stock / storage/catch all spaces. We cant pinpoint the exact time that we let it get to this point.(admittedly, a combo of perpetuating bad habits, settling, procrastination, turning a blind eye all the things) But as they say, admitting it is the first step to fixing it.So 2023 is the year of setting new dreams, hopes & standards- its been all hands on deck gutting these rooms (weve donated a truck bed to thrift charity) – were down to the studs – in complete renovation mode:Trading order for chaos in this back of house(so every little thing will now have a beautiful, organized forever home) We took a team poll for what they would like in this new space, and were excited to make it happen. This remodel (among another half dozen projects that are running in parallel paths) are all part of our efforts in fresh systems & processes.Our hope for everyone out there is for them to bring their new years resolutions to fruition- to improve things in your life, whatever that looks like for you.Sending out good vibes for manifesting what you want the most. – Ours is to bring organized beauty to all of our spaces & ways of working- streamlining operations starts with a clean (beautiful) slate. Heres to embracing fresh starts with joy creating new spaces, to be filled with happy plans, people & products.With a side of coffee. #sparkjoy

This film Winters Warmth (shot here by @qwharton) was the Inspiration for our new cedar barrel Camp Sauna. (Watch for the moment she steps out of the temp sauna and does a full trust fall into the snow)were working from the lodge kitchen this morning (and its like a second Christmas) as were unboxing all the accessories that have arrived for it all the things to outfit it for everything from aromatherapy to music.Cant wait to get it finished & fired up.First pic: @oolretaw