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Something old, something new! We just added a room with a view to the Rustic Camping cluster: actually, we swapped out the canvas with something that gives campers a better view of the lake.JUST THE BASICS:- venting opening windows- bug barrier ( and breeze welcoming) screen door (and also an opaque door)- solar lamps- two single beds (with actual mattresses now ) – power pack for fan & phone- trunk for your fresh linens for campers to DIY(We promise to save you the scoutmaster bunk Inspection drill)

Who likes to sauna in the summertime?Its drizzling out, dropped 20 degrees outside. Hanging in here now is like a snow globe (rain globe ?).ANSWER (to the question on what is inside here that is meant to beat people with>>birch branches

Welcome our newest addition thats already getting put to good use this summer :The Grounds & Garden shedWe commissioned the Amish to build this humble little. Garden worker for us. We swapped out the doors and windows for antiques we salvaged from a 1920s Scout camp that was getting demolished – Shes well on her way to getting stocked up. rakes shovels ditch witch parking seed. Dirt. Fertilizer Were have so many plans for growing things this year. Just getting started !Thanks @vote4peter for the first pic!

Welcome to the Ranger Station :Tucked away in the backwoods. Its our hardest-working little addition to the grounds.And now you can find it, cause we just paved the way with a metric shit ton of mulchPacked to the gills with all the gear that makes this place run. We started with a building on wheels (its a mobile structure ).Salvaged windows and doors from a Girl Scout camp lodge down the road (that was being demolished) outfitted it with first aid kits, fire extinguishers, a directory board and trail maps.We still have some work to do – but shes already serving her purpose of being a catch-all storage shed.I guess thats the most accurate job title for all of us working here. Carry our own weight, sometimes that of others – catching it all.And each other. .Photos by @erikengstromphoto & @prezpipe* the ladder is specifically only used for rescuing groundhogs off of roofs. Or at least wrestling beer out of their paws.

INTRODUCING!Our fav new addition to the camp store (Weve made something old, new again)The Wandawega Market Bag.A throwback to the original canvas newspaper bags from the era when Camp was built in the 20s.Made the same as they were back then: heavy canvas, one silkscreened color, simple wide canvas shoulder strap, built to haul. Were making these for our fellow gatherers. Those who hit upFlea markets. Farmers markets. Swap meets & makers markets.All the markets.(Were gonna make like a pack mule with ours at every single Elkhorn Flea Market)It took us three rounds of prototypes with our Nashville pattern maker to get this right. DEETS. 15 oz natural color canvas. 12.5 x 16 x 7 deep. Strap length 44.Double stitched shoulder strap One outside end pocket, one inside large pocket(Large enough you hold a groundhog- tested)Photos by @saracovey @erikengstromphoto @prezpipe / screen printed by the local the rad @hansenscreenprinting / logo mark by @joshuaminnich

Im here.So what do I do now?How to spend your day at camp :+ explore rooms + go on a hike + take a boat out + test drive a hammock + play some pool + explore a treehouse + find new paths (views by camper @mharding_camera)