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ADVERTISING AGE: “Women to Watch”

This should be titled “OGILVY Women to Watch“– because of the creative women of Ogilvy Chicago who are making it happen. As I’m typing this, I am peering over my computer at the amazing estrogen-driven creatives sitting within 10 feet of me. DONNA CHARLTON-PERRIN. Group creative director.Mother. Best creative writer in the world. ALLIE ARMSTRONG. Art director.part of the illustrationcorporation.com, huggies co-conspirator & model.and adorable + sick talented. CARA SUGLICH. Copywriter.And creative writer with an amazing voice- and contributor to Camp Style AMY GOZALKA. Art Director.funny as hell + crazy inspiring creative. MEGAN EVANS. Assoc Creative Director.Mom, Creative, wonderwoman. BIANCA REGGI. Art…

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