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Apartment No. 9

I am so freaking enamored by this adorable couple. Not sure that we’ve had a cuter pair at camp since… well – ever. The folks at Apartment number 9 and Michael Oneal shot a new campaign for their latest issue of ‘The Bulletin’ series. This one’s featured as ‘GONE CAMPING’.  check it out. Meet Joe and Hannah: beyond cute, they are also really nice.                 I love this feature where you can ‘shop the story’ from the shoot- I think this could also be called ‘the camp getaway outfit’. (sigh)– check it out  …

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apartment 9- food Issue

A couple of weeks ago we had a super talent group of folks pay us a visit.they cooked. the styled. they played. and they shot it all. and wrote about it! check out ‘Brunch 101’= a lesson in cooking in a cast iron skillet and more. The story includes cooking instructions, recipe, beautiful photography. (Yum) Check out their whole story here Food: Heather SperlingWords: Jourdan Crouch FairchildPhotos: Yewon Kimreason: apt 9 thanks guys! can’t wait to have you back up.

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Last weekend we hosted so many friends, new and old for a weekend of food, filming, photos, and fleaing. (It’s weekends like this that feed our creative souls and make every dollar + minute spent to hold this place together worth it) THE HIGHLIGHTS: (see more at #aptwandawega) ! heather sperling of the tasting table whipped up some fantastic dinner and brunch. booze sponsored by Solemn Oath Brewery ( I sware to god, she’s a modern day grace kelly with a spatula) ! The folks @ Heritage bicycles stayed with us to hit the Elkhorn Flea Market. (along with the…

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