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I just found a new blog (to me) that is so sweet.‘birdie blue’. — Voted number one in the POPSUGAR creative moms blog. She shoots, she writes, she has a freakishly adorable house and daughter.I feel equal parts envy and urgency to go organize my junk drawers (well, lets just say it. every room in my house is a junk drawer.) Check out her post on (gulp) both my books- she has such a loyal following.God bless you, ladies! xocharliefrankiet + d

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Fox in the Pine

We have been so fortunate to have Camp Wandawega written up in blogs and personal journals and Fox in the Pine has been one of them.  Not only does she have a wonderful eye for photography and great graphic design,  her blog is stunning as well.  Thanks, Fox in the Pine for your sweet words on Camp Wandawega and for providing the world with a go to blog!  

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this wild idea

We love dogs.We especially love people that love their dogs so much that they decide to travel the country with them on a year long journey, documenting their adventure every step of the way.  I introduce you to Theron and Maddie, two best friends that met one new person a day and told their story through photographs and oral history. The project: This Wild Idea. Our friend garrett cornelison (who came to shoot for the styleseek weekend at camp) has partnered with Theron Humphrey and is crossing the country, collecting stories and interviewing dogs (and their owners) for whywerescue.com. (Garrett…

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in the make

I came across this fantastic project the other day and wanted to share it with you! Photographer Klea McKenna and writer Nikki Grattan started In The Make in 2011.  They travel around and visit artist’s spaces and document their experience. They strive to bring the real to the art that we see and buy everyday and to expose the realities of life for artists striving to make it in the world. Every week they post a new studio visit. Their site and journey is a beautiful and enlightening experience. Check out more here!

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