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A Rainy Day surprise

when charlie got home from school yesterday,  she was met at the door with a lovely polka-dot box. inside she found a giant bird’s nest of woodshavings. and after digging her way to the bottom, she discovered tucked away a  GOLDEN HORSE WEARING A PARTY HAT. and in invitation to a birthday party from our friends at Land Of Nod . i love it. but not as much as she does. (she now totes her ratatouille in one arm and the horse in the other) (…and I seriously need to step up on invitation design after seeing this thing) some outtakes…

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for the rest of us, it’s valentines day. he is at home with the charliegirl- and im stuck on the other side of the world working. because we wont get to spend the Valentines day or his birthday together- i wanted to give him a shout out post if you see him today, please try not to make fun of him too much that his wife had to blab this all over the internet (Im sure he will be a little shy about it) but it had to be done TOP TEN REASONS DAVID IS LOVED 1. he is the…

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last year’s birthday theme was ‘away in the woods’. this year had to be a little princess themed, a little Ratatouille inspired,  (& honestly mainly driven by what I could pick up the store an hour before the party). you don’t have to spend alot to get interesting gifts (that hopefully will get saved and someday become heirlooms) case in point. some of her toys: (found via found free and flea) an austrian dyrndl (traditional costume) $14   a marionette (hand carved found in prauge) $30   a pan flute from peru $5 a collosal set of hand made doll…

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