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I just found a new blog (to me) that is so sweet.‘birdie blue’. — Voted number one in the POPSUGAR creative moms blog. She shoots, she writes, she has a freakishly adorable house and daughter.I feel equal parts envy and urgency to go organize my junk drawers (well, lets just say it. every room in my house is a junk drawer.) Check out her post on (gulp) both my books- she has such a loyal following.God bless you, ladies! xocharliefrankiet + d

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in the make

I came across this fantastic project the other day and wanted to share it with you! Photographer Klea McKenna and writer Nikki Grattan started In The Make in 2011.  They travel around and visit artist’s spaces and document their experience. They strive to bring the real to the art that we see and buy everyday and to expose the realities of life for artists striving to make it in the world. Every week they post a new studio visit. Their site and journey is a beautiful and enlightening experience. Check out more here!

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We were thrilled to have Good Beer Hunting and Buckshot Sonny’s out at Camp Wandawega this past fall. Loving the boys weekend rundown that DryHop posted. Such kind words about Camp Wandawega and we are so happy they all had such a great time. Nothing like good people, good friends and a bunch of fun at  camp! Photos by: Michael Kiser – Good Beer Hunting

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Meeting the Cabinologist at Wandawega

Last weekend I had the pleasure of heading up to Wandawega with my friends Emily and Lindsay. Compared with my last visit (which was a giant party, complete with band and fireworks), this trip was low-key and relaxing. We lounged around in the lake and drank some beers–Emily cooked us meals and Lindsay provided her signature bloody mary. The camp wasn’t booked with guests or shoots, like it has been for most of the summer. Aside from the three of us, there were 2 other couples and a friend of David’s and his 13 year-old son. We quickly made friends…

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what?!! my three favorite bloggers all in one day?

its like freaking christmas up in here!all digging on the little sprout of an souvenir shop we are birthing. THEWILLIAMBROWNPROJECT.com wrote an amazing review of the new store. (thanks, matt!)ALLPLAIDOUT did a humbling and lovely write up of it (thank, max!)ACONTINUOUSLEAN tweeted us (which is like the bow on the present) WE ARE :X humbled.X greatful.X amazed that doing what you love can be the source of making new friends who you admire. and…. a new one our friend Max just sent us–  CORKGRIPS!

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