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we’ve been hiding this long enough.

What do they say?‘Admitting that you have a problem is the first step to recovery’. So consider this public admission our first step.Some of you know about this place at camp.And have politely pretended that you didn’t witness it (thank you).We try to keep it behind locked doors, but usually aren’t too successful. So- we pledge,as of today-to clean up our act. (the basement)  THE INSPIRATION:Old Popular Mechanics workshop designs.My grandfather’s wood shop.Old mechanic’s garages. THE SCARY CURRENT REALITY:Martha Stewart didnt shoot this room.We can’t imagine why. so well organized and clean. THE PLAN: convert a 22x 19 foot section…

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the “After” 3 weeks and $2500 later….

so we finally finished the new pantry! …and learned in the process that sometimes it pays to hoard. David pulled out of a secret stash that he’s had tucked away somewhere – bin a piled high with vintage hardware: vintage towel bar,ancient meat grinder,iron wall hooks,commercial utensil racks,and a fabulous random decorative iron wall mount broom organizer. and I pulled out of the nether regions of the basement:every possible commercial kitchen appliance imaginable.(i had no idea where we got a milk pasturizer, or a commercial deli slicer, but now it takes pride of place in the pantry.where i might use…

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submission to HOARDERS.

Our basement is a hellhole. Really and truly…an episode of Hoarders without exaggeration. It’s that dark space that we try to hide when folks come over. We deny that it’s there but they always find it. So, last weekend after nearly a decade of failing to avoid the ugly truth, we put on gloves and hip-waders and literally dug ourselves out. Out of the mind-numbing culmination of 80 years of old trash that consumed our basement: skeletal mice, canisters of hardened cleaners from the Hoover administration…really, too painful to get into much detail here. The good news? There is a plan! Inspired by the parred-down simplicity of…

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Rescuing the cabin- filming the saga. EPISODE 1

The publisher of Found Free & Flea  (Random House / Clarkson potter) asked us to document the latest project: Rescuing the Sterlingworth Cabin… so…one sunny morning, david, bill, chuck and I decided to move it with only a pickuptruck, trailer, canvas strap and a prayer…. 5 hours later we had her moved to her new little perch at camp. here is the post on the origins of the cabin … kids: DONT TRY THIS AT HOME. stay tuned for the next phase- fixing it up….

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