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Happy Friday!I was looking for a good gift the other day and came across some fun idea’s that I wanted to share with you.No matter if you need a gift for wedding guests, mothers day, birthdays, holidays or thank you’s, it can be hard to know exactly what to get for someone and to stay within a budget.These are thoughtful little treasures that anyone can put together. Quick bread in a bottle: Beautiful and yummy. Potted succulents: We have seen this a lot but what makes it unique and special are all the different vessel idea’s out there. I love…

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Holiday Craft Camp Recap

The weekend after Thanksgiving, we hosted a small group of women at Camp for a craft weekend. It was a chance for everyone to get away from the city for two days and two nights to make new friends, learn a few crafts, exchange holiday cookies, eat some great food and RELAX. Emily Berman, a good friend of Camp, prepared a weekend-long menu of great cold-weather foods, while I (Hillary) planned and led all the crafts. It was a great time and we hope to get back soon for more crafty fun. Here are some of the details and activities…

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Sunprints and Cyanotype

Did you make sunprints as a kid? I totally remember doing them at sixth grade camp and being pretty amazed at how it worked (my favorite show at the time was probably¬†Mr. Wizard’s World). You use special light-sensitive paper, overlay it with uniquely shaped objects (leaves, keys, office supplies) and leave it out in the sun to develop. You can also use film negatives or images transfered onto transparency material. This paper-and-sun process is a specific example of a very old photographic printing process called¬†cyanotype. The other day I came across a modern version of this printing process, Lumi, a…

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