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A sweet cover story, hot off the press.

I don’t consider myself a ‘writer’ by any stretch, I just like to tell stories.  So I was surprised (again) when the fine folks at Sweet Paul magazine took a shot in the dark and let me write my second feature story for them. The first was our Tasty Nugget recap). I have to say, it was a fun weekend–  I got to work with 3 dear friends of mine & filled the pages with friends who didn’t mind smiling for the camera. It was perfect weather, and an amazing afternoon. It’s shoots like these that make me think ‘will I look back on…

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the last line of this story made me cry.

Which is more than a little embarrassing, given that I sit in an open-cubed newsroom style office –and I’m making a mess of my keyboard and mascara.But sometimes you just can’t help it. Today is one of those days. Thank you, Jourdan for the lovely story.You are always, always welcome back. here is her story.

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YAY!It just hit the stands 🙂Charlie as a brownie breaks my heart.I mean, who knew they made baby moccasins that were this adorable??Thanks to everybody who helped !!Pick up the latest copy of MIDWEST LIVING magazine. or download it on zinio.

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and her dad walked her down the aisle….

mary’s dad was quite ill when he walked her down the aisle…so when I read the title to her post:  “A great New Years gift: getting to see video of my dad walking me down the aisle at our Camp Wandawega wedding” …i knew i would probably cry even before i watched the film. and so of course i only made it the first 10 seconds in…i watched it and now im crying… because i remember dad walking me down the aisle, too in the same spot. and that he could only manage the last 10 feet, so i met him halfway. a…

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Charlie wants a pony….

but she’s not getting one.unless its stuffed and fits in her crib. we spent the holidays at the family’s stables-(the one that got the 24 hour thrift store makeover in this earlier post) they board, train, breed, etc. 30+horses.so charlie went crazyface deciding which ones would bitevs which ones she could pet…. she found a minature horse (named ‘skittles-snicker’) that she decided to chase relentlessly: Some scenes from the barn…   My brother Sam with one of the favorite horses…

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heads up, gear heads! our baby in Rod & Kulture.

my dad would be proud. remember this before and after project from an earlier post? It just made it’s debut in Rod & Kulture… telling the story about how we found her and David + my brother sam brought her back to life- and to the track. We havent received our issue in the mail yet, so look for the update with the full story. but for now, the spreads turned out pretty nice! buy the issue HERE

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